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back to school resource bundle

back to school resource bundle

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meet our first ever resource bundle! in this colorful bunch, you'll find resources for: 

  • mapping out your space and maximizing it's mental health impact 
  • calming your mind during all times during the day - even those busy moments!
  • setting goals that are in your control and identifying stressors you cannot control 
  • andddd find an additional page of resources and downloads you can find on your own if you need more information. 

to download: checkout as normal, no payment needed. download from the order confirmation screen AND/OR the link in your email. 

disclaimer: these worksheets are not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any sort of mental illness. these resources are not professionally verified. if you are concerned about you or a loved one, please contact your primary care doctor or a trusted adult immediately. 

reuse/reprint: we encourage saving these to your desktop to print for yourself and groups. all (c) You Are Co. watermarks may not be removed or sold.

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