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Better Days Daily Notepad

Better Days Daily Notepad

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Vertical 5” x 7”| 50 sheets  | 80lb Premium White Paper

It’s been a crazy year. Everyone keeps saying “Oh, it’ll get better” and “better days are coming!” but that gets hard to believe sometimes. Here at You Are Co., we’re hopeful that one day, better days are coming. With this message, we’re bringing you this daily planner to continually remind you and those around you of this message. 

This notepad has been designed with all of your input in mind, incorporating mental health practices and your own ideas of the “perfect” notepad to complete this project. With reflection blobs, schedule/to do capabilities, reflection, gratitude, and wellness trackers, we hope we got it covered. And guess what? Your writing isn’t going to bleed through (unless you use a sharpie or expo marker, which in that case, we have bigger things to worry about). Markers, pens, colored pencils, and any other writing utensils are good to go. 

We hope you enjoy this item as much as we do. Feel free to reach out if you have sizing, color, or any other questions! We love to chat with all of you. 

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